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Non-Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing is perhaps the most critical service an aerospace finisher provides. Surface and near surface defects, must be found and resolved before all other finishing can take place. Our highly experienced operators (Levels I-III) ensure your parts are ready for finishing.

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle Inspection is a very sensitive method of inspecting and locating surface or near surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic particles are applied to the surface in a liquid suspension. The particles reveal the location, size, shape and extent of the defects.


Penetrant Inspection is a method of inspection for the surface of metals and other nonporous solids for cracks, pits and other defects. The process utilizes fluorescent, water-washable liquid that is allowed to enter defects that can then be identified under black light.

Nital Etch

This chemical process reveals grinding and machining burns, decarburization, rehardening, retempering or case leakage.