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Hytek’s nearly 300 foot long anodize bay provides the full range of anodize services for parts up to 12 feet long. Our “Fast Rack” machines also allow our team to efficiently process very small part effectively and efficiently for our customers. Our Anodize masking teams provide complex masking and order prep services.


Clear in appearance, a sulfuric acid anodized coating is a very popular coating for decorative use with good corrosion resistance. This is a porous coating which is ideal for applying dyes.


Boric Sulfuric Acid Anodize has superior corrosion resistance and excellent base for paint. This coating is a substitute for chromic acid anodize.


This traditional anodize coating process system is corrosion resistant and a very good base for paint.


Hardcoat produces a heavy dense coating that provides greater wear resistance and corrosion protection. This coating can also be dyed a variety of colors.

Chem Treat

Chemical Treatment #7 (Dow 7): The dichromate coating is light to dark brown in appearance. It provides a good paint base and fair corrosion resistance. This treatment causes no appreciable dimensional changes to the parts.

Chemical Treatment #17 (Dow 17): Appearance ranges with thickness from light green to dark green. The coating thickness is an average of 1.5 mil. Dow #17 provides an excellent paint base and reasonable corrosion resistance on all forms and alloys of magnesium. It also provides hardness and abrasion resistance similar to anodized finishes.

Chemical Treatment #19 (Dow 19): Dilute chromic acid gives this coating a brassy appearance. Dow #19 is an excellent touch up for either Dow #7 or Dow #17 process. It also provides a good base for pigmented lacquers and enamels.