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8127 So 216th Street
Kent, WA 98032

(253) 872-7160

To request a quotation or Sales related questions:

Please contact our Sales Manager Jeff Heise at jeff.heise@hytekfinishes.com or directly at 253-796-4532 or Joshua Schaaf at josh.schaaf@hytekfinishes.com or directly at 253-796-4584.

For lead times or order status:

Please contact our Customer Service Manager Brad Hall at brad.hall@hytekfinishes.com or directly at 253-243-5978 or Glynda Mattingly at Glynda.mattingly@hytekfinishes.com or directly at 253-796- 4534.

If you have any questions related to Maintenance Repair and Overhaul:

Please contact our NPI/MRO Manager Ken Remillard at ken.remillard@hytekfinishes.com or directly at 253-796-4587, or Sean Harris at sean.harris@hytekfinishes.com or directly at 253-796-4517.


Brad Hall

Customer Solutions Leader

brad.hall@hytekfinishes.com 253-243-5978
Customer Service

Bruce Pleake

Quality Manager

bruce.pleake@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4554
Justin Fuller

Production Manager

justin.fuller@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4588
Ken Remillard

MRO New Product Integration Manager

ken.remillard@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4587
Gina Vega

Director of Finance

gina.vega@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4550
Allison Urbas

Director of Human Resources

allison.urbas@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4505
Jack Louie

Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement

jack.louie@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4540
Kyle Martin

Director of Operations

kyle.martin@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4518
Marty Dunn

Director of Sales

marty.dunn@hytekfinishes.com 253-796-4523

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